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Azim Industrial Group

Azim Industrial Group ( Mehr Electronic )
Start of activity : 1370 year
Stock status : Amir Hossein Azimipour as sole shareholder
Managing Director : Amir Hossein Azimipour


field of activity
• Design and construction of electronic control systems
• Design and construction of industrial automation systems
• Design and manufacture of weaving machines
• Design and manufacture of extruder tubes

Activities from the beginning to now
• Design and engine driver DC Up to 400 KW And design and construction of electromechanical motors up to 10 HP ( Sell 4 thousand devices )
• Design and manufacture of pipe lines PP And PE
• Design and manufacture of weaving bag machines
• Design and construction of a semi-automatic machine with the name Semitic
• Design and manufacture of semi-automatic cutting and sewing machines (Semitic 33p)
• Design and manufacture of automatic cutting and sewing machines pp In 2007 , exports to Algeria, Iraq, and Uzbekistan

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Address : Mahmoud Abad Industrial Zone No. 5 of 40 i,isfahan

Telephone Central Office: 00983133802619

Manager : 00989131195272


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